Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A new chapter

I officially began a new chapter this week as a full-time, tenure track professor at Ferris State University. I am excited and anxious to get in the classroom. Ferris has been fantastic about helping new faculty members become acclimated to the campus, the students and colleagues. I am still working out some kinks in my syllabi, the Blackboard version used on campus known as Ferris Connect has been an adventure, and I'm still waiting for my laptop, but things will fall into place this week.
The last month I have done more writing for the Grand Rapids Press than I had all summer. It was partially a need for some cash on my end and partially a need by the Press as things got busy. It worked out well.
Now, I'm focusing completely on Ferris. Students at The Torch have been working to produce the first paper of the school year. It's due out Wednesday (Aug. 27) in print and online. I'm anxious to get a look at what they produce.
In class, I have one section of freshman composition and two journalism classes. The English course is definitely causing me the most anxiety. There are more unknowns for me in that group. I have a great network of support and definitely plan to use their help.
I hope to check back in here more frequently now that I'm back on a regular routine.