Thursday, August 9, 2012

Getting back in the groove

If you want to see what's going on in our world, check out some recent stories to read up on current issues in journalism:

The Oregonian (Portland, Ore.) is struggling and expects, like others under the same ownership like the Mlive Group newspapers and the Times Picayune in Louisiana, will soon be reduced to only a few print days a week. It is a business move toward web-first publishing. You can check out the online edition of the Oregonian here, which looks a lot like the Mlive site.

It's not shocking that a sitting President is not a fan of the way media is covering him. However, this article in the NY Times gives President Obama  credit for being a discerning and regular reader of newspapers. He is critical, but also finds great value in the long story format that good journalism provides.

And this is just a good blog covering newspaper/journalism issues: Reflections of a Newsosaur.