Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Does reading carry power?

In Journalism 251: Understanding Mass Media, we are talking about the old-fashioned print business this week. Magazines and books are what I call "library week" in the course. They are old fashioned, right?
I consider them to be part of an important equation that has stood the test of time:
Reading = Knowledge
Knowledge = Power
Reading = Power
While reading books and even magazines seems to be a lost art by many, I believe this equation still rings true. I learn every time I engage in reading novels of all kinds (fiction, biographies, non-fiction, etc,...) and magazines often help me to delve deeper into current trends and topics.
I am a self-proclaimed newspaper person and that is not changing. However, the role magazines and books play in our society cannot be diminished. They hold vast knowledge that is waiting for any of us to consume.
We need to take the pursuit of knowledge into our own hands and power will come to all of us.

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